After years of discussion and debate, the time is now to make your donation, and to

The all-ages cast of Joseph and the Amazing Techicolour Dream Coat, presented in 2010 at the Dundalk Olde Town Hall Theatre.

  1. DONATE TODAY – Send a secure Interac e-Transfer to, which is the Team Town Hall account at the Dundalk District Credit Union. The Township cannot receive e-Transfers directly. Please note: WE WON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE UNLESS YOU ALSO SEND US A MESSAGE (FORM BELOW)
  2. LIVE LOCALLY? You can make a deposit into the Team Town Hall account at the Dundalk & District Credit Union. Use the form below if you need a tax receipt or want to ask some questions.
  3. MAIL A CHEQUE: Mail or drop off a cheque made payable to the Township of Southgate with a memo for “Olde Town Hall Reno Project” at: 185667 Grey Rd 9, Dundalk, ON N0C 1B0. We would love to hear from you directly for proper thanks and acknowledgement.
  4. MAKE A PLEDGE: If you have decided to donate to this project, but want to do so in the future, please fill out the form with your pledge amount and the timing. Multi-year gifts are welcome over 2021 and 2022, the expected timeline of the project.

Thank you for your support!

We will be discussing with donors and the Township how public acknowledgements and thanks can be made within the building, including the donor themselves, or another person who is being honoured or remembered through the gift.

NOTE: Team Town Hall is an ad-hoc committee at this time, pending approval of this project. Many thanks to the Township of Southgate which is able to issue charitable receipts.

OLIVER: “Consider yourself part of the family” at the Olde Town Hall

One more step…

If you need a tax receipt from the Township of Southgate, as well as to let give us more details about your gift you can use the form below (or talk to us directly. The Team Town Hall account is managed by Chair Mary Redmond and Treasurer Lacey McMahon of Dundalk.

Please note: If the project is not to move forward due to lack of council support, donors will be contacted and receive a refund.

Non-traceable donations or donations under $50 will be non-refundable and redirected to another worthy Dundalk community project at the discretion of the public and the Township.

In loving memory:

We know that this building has such rich history and beloved memories for families in the area. This building served many generations who came before us and has housed many special people over the years, some of whom have passed on. In honour of family and friends no longer with us, we will be talking to the township about having a special plaque to display those names. If you would like to consider making a “in loving memory” donation to the project please specify by email to and include your story. We would also love to hear what the building means to your family by email to share on our blog if permissible and look forward to hearing from you. Major gifts in honour of an individual also will be recognized by other means.

Please consider writing to the current council and township about your support for our efforts and lastly, please consider joining us in our efforts to open the Olde Town Hall doors to the public once again. Here is the link to their contact page on the Southgate website.

There are presently more than 800 names on a petition to Save the Town Hall on Why don’t you join them?

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