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When the Township of Southgate decided before a packed council chambers that it was going to use a unique grant opportunity for the project to renovate and restore the Dundalk Olde Town Hall for full community use, it was a memorable night.

But what followed made even more clear the widespread, undeniable support that this project has. All of the following groups agreed to write a letter of support for the project. Here are some excerpts from those letters – they are worth sharing!!

What People Say

“Members of the Youth Action Committee are involved in their school in music, drama and the arts.

YAC members commented that they could see themselves participating in a battle of the bands, wanting to get involved in a theatre production, or simply wanting to watch a play or movie from the balcony.”

Southgate Youth Action Committee

“An Arts & Culture Centre in Dundalk would be a benefit to the community and a great destination for children and youth. Currently, there is nothing comparable in town to what is proposed.

Kids & Us would participate in arts and cultural offerings at the restored town hall… Currently to experience these trips requires a bus trip out of town which is time-consuming and financially limiting.”

Kids & US

The town hall was built by master craftsman at the turn of the century before the invention of the microphone. Two people can be standing centre stage having a casual conversation and someone in the back row of the balcony can hear every word. The acoustics are that good.

We have had several young families ask about what performance, dance, voice and music lessons their children could participate in. The Dundalk Little Theatre group is a self-sustaining group that prides itself on helping other local organizations through volunteering and monetary donations.”

Dundalk Little Theatre

In the five years I have been teaching (dance) in Dundalk, I have become very familiar with the lack of services locally within the performing arts sector.

An Arts venue would truly benefit the community

Proprietor of Dance Fuel

“It will fill a void of cultural opportunities for the youth of our community. Dundalk is a growing town with an increase in young families.

I believe the cultural hub at the town hall would not only provide a valuable service to our residents but also provide a window into the history of our past.

Principal, Highpoint School

“Restoring the Town Hall will not only benefit the people of Dundalk, but it will spread to a much larger demographic area.

From communication with our “GO-ers” and their families, Dundalk is currently lacking in options for programming in recreation, arts and culture in our community.”

Go Adventure, Melancthon

We support the restoration of the Olde Town Hall.

It is a beautiful building that holds many memories, of pealing bell and welcome home dinner for returning soldiers, the wedding receptions, dances and the movies that played.

Dundalk & District Historical Society

“This proposal by the Township of Southgate will provide our community with a cultural centre that is important to seniors in our area to gather and interact for social activities and events…in an accessible facility.”

Southgate Seniors Advisory Committee

The Dundalk Young at Heart has 56 active members who live in Southgate, Melancthon and Grey Highlands.

There is a gap in the support of theatre and performing arts here. By supporting renovating the Town Hall Theatre, we have an opportunity to remedy that lack. There will be lots of work ahead to raise funds and get commitments, but the end result will create a heritage gem in the middle of the town.”

Dundalk Young at Heart

The more opportunities for youth to be involved in positive activities, the less opportunity for them to be involved in high risk behaviours.

The Town Hall program is imperative to promoting the overall health and wellbeing of our youth, setting them up to be health and productive adults.”

Cherisse Jack, Child & Youth Worker

The Dundalk Lions Club have an interest in youth. The project would be a great help in providing positive activities in our community, which has many families moving here from the city.

We also respect our heritage and have been involved in improvements to our Town Hall in the past.

Dundalk Lions

We are a non-profit that holds events for youth in our community. It is important to keep our youth active and entertained, in order for them to mature and grow.

(The Town Hall) is a very important part of our community, in the downtown core of our village, and should be saved.

Generation Connection

This is a letter to show support the rebuilding of the town hall. We think it is very beneficial for our community to have this building redone and it could have many uses.

Dundalk Legion

“We support the revival of the town hall as it is vital to the character of downtown Dundalk…

A revitalized downtown with the hall as a feature would help attract tourists and entrepeneurs and would be a physical manifestation of what Dundalk is about.

South Grey Museum curator

Let’s build something together.

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