Olde Town Hall Project pushes forward.

May 2020 – Team Town Hall would like to thank everyone for your continued support of the Olde Town Hall revitalization project.

Last fall, we put forward a robust application for an ICIP grant in hopes to be the receipients of both provincial and federal grants which would cover up to 70% of the project costs to save our hall and repurpose it into an arts and culture hub for our community. We await news on our grant application at this time.

While the grant would be an amazing win for our community and for this project, we still have a large fundraising goal to help contribute towards the remaining 30% of the cost of the project which could be up to 1.5 million. We need Southgate Township, surrounding municipalities who would benefit from this project, as well as the County to commit to also financially support this project in a big way. Please consider writing to Southgate council and CAO with your expressions of financial support for this project via the use of municipal funds. There are a few ways the municipality can support this project financially – council has been considering all of these options and is overall supportive at this time of investigating all options to save our Olde Town Hall. 

While we hope to secure the provincial and federal grants, as well as municipal funding and business sponsors, we also know fundraising from past and present residents of Dundalk and Southgate area will be imperative for the success of this project. Team Town Hall turns to you, our community, and we kindly ask you to please consider donating to this worthwhile community cause. All funds will be held for the project by Southgate Township, with charitable donation tax receipts being issued for donations over $50. 

To donate, you can:

1. Send an etransfer to dundalk.oldetownhall@gmail.com to be deposited into our Dundalk Credit Union account. These funds will be transferred and held by Township for the project. 

2. Mail or drop off a cheque to Southgate Municipal Office on Grey Rd 9 near Hopeville with a memo “Olde Town Hall Project Fund”.

3. Make an in-person donation to the Dundalk Credit Union, account #174556 – be sure to attach your name to the donation so we can issue you a receipt. 

Thank you for your support and investment in our community! 

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Published by dundalkoldetownhall

Team Town Hall arose in order to save the Dundalk Olde Town Hall from demolition or further decay after the township turned to the community before making a final decision.We welcome all who support the our cause of re-opening the building as a hub for community arts and culture in a revitalized downtown.

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