Southgate asks for Proposals

We are honoured by a recent request that memorial donations should go to the cause of re-opening the theatre at the town hall. This occasion is a good one to update the community about where things stand with the project.

The goal of getting the public into the building to enjoy theatre and music – both making it and performing it – is unchanged. It’s a goal that many people and organizations in Dundalk and our surrounding districts have rallied around, and it’s a goal that still can be reached with public support.


What has changed is that the township has issued a “Request for Proposals” for proposals for interest in owning the building. Here’s what we know:

Every person/company that puts in a proposal has to say how much space will be used by the public, who will handle bookings for the theatre, and what their proposal is for:

Three Way Partnership capital investments expected by the bidder’s proposal in the community use building spaces of the Dundalk Olde Town Hall building.”


After the tenders close on Feb. 22, those offers stay in place for 60 days, and the RFP says they are subject to negotiation.

Township council has committed itself publicly to consulting with the community and with organizations at that point about the proposals that are made.


“How will ongoing public use of the building be guaranteed with a private owner?” is one of the biggest questions we all have going forward.

Team Town Hall is committed to staying in this conversation and representing the voice of our community who have expressed support for reopening our downtown theatre as an active arts and culture hub. We are not giving up on our Olde Town Hall and will push forward accordingly.

We are honoured by the donations and support, including this latest gesture, toward this goal.

There’s no one smarter than all of us, and so many people in the area and many committed former Dundalk residents will have contributions to make. We think everyone’s opinions should be heard. Please consider sending your

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Team Town Hall arose in order to save the Dundalk Olde Town Hall from demolition or further decay after the township turned to the community before making a final decision.We welcome all who support the our cause of re-opening the building as a hub for community arts and culture in a revitalized downtown.

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